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    5 Things Happy People Do Differently

    If you’re looking to improve your ability to find happiness, then  
    check out these 5 things happy people do differently. 

    1. Happy people find balance in their lives 

    Folks who are happy have this in common: they’re  
    content with what they have, and don’t waste a whole  
    lot of time worrying and stressing over things they don’t.  

    Unhappy people do the opposite: they spend too much  
    time thinking about what they don’t have.  

    Happy people lead balanced lives. This means they  
    make time for all the things that are important to them,  
    whether it’s family, friends, career, health, religion, etc. 

    2. Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff 

    One of the biggest things happy people do differently  
    compared to unhappy people is they let stuff go. 

     Bad things happen to good people sometimes.  

    Happy people realize this, are able to take things  
    in stride, and move on.  

    Unhappy people tend to dwell on minor inconveniences  
    and issues, which can perpetuate feelings of sadness,  
    guilt, resentment, greed, and anger. 

    3. Happy people surround themselves with  
    other happy people 

    One defining characteristic of happy people is they  
    tend to hang out with other happy people.  

    If you’re struggling with a bout of sadness, depression,  
    worry, or anger, spend more time with your happiest  
    friends or family members.  

    Chances are, you’ll find that their positive attitude rubs  
    off on you. 

    4.  Happy people are passionate 

    Another thing happy people have in common is their  
    ability to find their passions in life and pursue those  
    passions to the fullest. Happy people have found  
    what they’re looking for, and they spend their time  
    doing what they love. 

    5. Happy people see challenges as opportunities 

    Folks who are happy accept challenges and use  
    them as opportunities to learn and grow.  

    They turn negatives into positives and make the  
    best out of seemingly bad situations. They don’t  
    dwell on things that are out of their control; rather,  
    they seek solutions and creative ways of overcoming  

    Take Action
    If you’d like to bring a little more happiness into your  
    life, think about the 5 principles above and how you  
    can use them to make yourself happier. 

    At Resilient Minds we help our clients grow their resilience 
    so they can perform at high levels on the really important 
    things in all aspects of their lives. 

    Warm regards, 

    Jamie Ford 

    ‘People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer  
    when they’re happy.’ 

    Anton Chekhov 
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