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    Three Tips To Enjoy Your Life More

    Three tips to enjoy your life more  ... 1: Have a daily ritual around enjoyment:   Upon waking, ask yourself, “What do I look forward   to most today.” At the end of your day, ask yourself,  “What was the most enjoyable part of my day and why?  2: Whenever you eat try to focus on...

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    See Some Green

    Certain colours make us think of certain things.   Ever wonder why all sales signs are red, for example?   It’s because people react faster and more forcefully when they see the colour.   People tend to associate the colour red with a  danger cue, and that attracts attention.  Guess which colour provides the biggest boost in  motivation and energy? ...

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    Inspire Yourself With A Positive Story

    One of the fastest ways to make yourself feel more  positive is to read an inspirational positive story.    Here is a great example about choice:  Every day we have two choices  Michael is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is  always in a good mood, and always has something positive to say.   When someone...

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    The surprising reason we aren’t as resilient as we think – and what Kiwi women can do about it

    Are you Resilient? If there was ever a need for resilience, it is the dumpster fire of 2020 – but although we pride ourselves on that good old Kiwi can-do attitude, it seems that New Zealanders – especially women – could use a bit of a top up. Interview with Jamie Ford for

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    The 1000 Marbles

    One of the best ways to create more happiness in your life is to get more pleasure and enjoyment out of each day.A fun way to do this is to remember the 1000 marbles story.   This was written by Jeff Davis many years ago and has  now been reprinted thousands of times.   Here’s how Jeff Davis'...

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