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    Be grateful

    Nothing is more important than your health. 

    If, before you were born, you were given the following choice, 
    which would you choose? 

    To be born a millionaire but crippled 

    To be healthy but penniless 

    Would you trade in your consciousness for half a million dollars? 

    Your ability to move for $250,000? 

    Would you give up your sight for $350,000? 

    Your sense of smell for $100,000? 

    Of the important things in life, wealth is probably not in the 
    top three. 

    So today, just for the record, let’s remind ourselves that… 

    Health is more important than wealth. Loving relationships are 
    more important than wealth. And so is the sense that you are 
    spending your time wisely. 

    If you don’t have health, you cannot enjoy or sometimes even 
    experience the other gifts life gives us. If you have wealth but 
    have no friends to share it with — you have nothing. 

    And even if you have health and wealth and friendship but 
    lack purpose, you are going to spend the rest of your life 
    feeling the lack of it. 

    Here’s a simple way to appreciate your health and all the other 
    blessings that you have: 

    Write down a gratitude list. In other words; all the things in 
    your life that you are grateful for. This might include your 
    good health, your comfortable home, your interesting job, 
    your great friends and anything else you can think of. 

    Then take a few minutes and add a few items to your 
    gratitude list every day. 

    At Resilient Minds we help our clients to develop high resilience
    so they can perform at high levels on the really important
    things in both their work and personal lives. 

    Have a great week. 

    Jamie Ford
    Thought Leaders in Resilience, Productivity, and Wellbeing
    Jamie +64 21 772 079

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