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    Does psychometric testing really work?

    Psychometric tests are useful tools for employers when the appropriate test is used for the right reasons. One of the most scientifically validated diagnostics, the SASQ, is highly useful for recruitment – to select the most resilient and productive talent, and for identifying learning and development needs. It provides an in-depth report on an individual’s levels of resilient and optimistic thinking patterns, which has been shown to be directly connected to performance at work, as well as in the areas of sport, academic achievement and health. Jamie Ford speaks with Liam Dann (NZ Herald Business Editor-at-Large)  about the value and use of psych. tests after the IRD found itself embroiled in unnecessary controversy by planning to use them in a redundancy and restructuring context. He suggests that a diagnostic like the SASQ would be useful to help prepare and equip people for the types of upheaval restructuring brings.