Welcome to this page with the DISC Diagnostic and Assessment Questionnaire


The assessment you are about to complete is the result of many years of research. When you have finished, it will be analysed by an independent organisation – Resilient Minds.
Your responses to the questions will not be used by anyone other than personnel at Resilient Minds,
While the organisation that requested the report will receive an overall report, no information on your specific answers will be provided
Annual Review: You will receive your personal diagnostic report in accordance with the procedures agreed with your employer
Learning and Development and Coaching: You will receive your personal profile report during the event, or as otherwise agreed prior to the event. Your employer may receive a report with a profile for the entire group while your personal report is your property and confidential to you.


The accuracy of your DISC diagnostic assessment depends on how carefully you follow the instructions below. We ask you to read them thoroughly.

  • There is no time limit, and generally the DISC takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
  • Imagine you are at work, in your normal working environment on a good day, as you answer the questions
  • Answer every question as honestly as you can.
  • Under each question there is a set of four statements. Please choose one of these statements that is Most applicable to you, and a different one of these statements that is Least applicable to you. If it will help, rank the choices and then choose the top and bottom from your ranking. You must not select the same statement for both your most and least choices.
  • Select only one statement in the Most column, and only one in the Least column for each set of statements under each question.
  • When you have completed the assessment click on the submit button. A new page will open confirming your successful completion of the assessment.

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