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The Diagnostic Questionnaire you are about to complete is the result of more than 40 years’ research. When you have finished, it will be analysed by an independent organisation – Resilient Minds. You will have been sent this link in order to complete this as part of:
A wellbeing research project.
A pre-employment assessment process.
The pre-work for a learning and development programme.
A personal coaching development programme.
An annual review process, or some other purpose e.g. franchisee assessment.
It is also used as part of a team survey in the context of developing the concepts of “positive psychology”.

Your responses to the questions will not be used by anyone other than personnel at Resilient Minds.
Wellbeing research project: While the organisation that requested the report will receive an overall report, no information on your specific answers will be provided.
Pre-employment: While the organisation that requested the report will receive an overall report, no information on your specific answers will be provided.
Annual Review: You will receive your personal diagnostic report in accordance with the procedures agreed with your employer.
Learning and Development and Coaching: You will receive your personal diagnostic report during the event.

Our role here at Resilient Minds is to provide this service to both organizations and individuals. Resilient Minds will process your completed questionnaire and provide a report to the appropriate manager at the organization requesting the assessment or to the individual client.

In the event that you wish to clarify any matters to do with this, please contact me on:
Tel: +64 9 414 2942
Mbl:+64 21 772 079

Jamie Ford
Resilient Minds

Note: Unsolicited completion of this form will not yield a result. If you would like to complete this questionnaire on some personal basis, please contact Resilient Minds


The accuracy of your SASQ results depend on how carefully you follow the instructions below. We ask you to read them carefully.

The questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete.

Answer every question.

The questionnaire will present you with 12 different situations. Read each situation and VIVIDLY imagine it happening to you. For each situation you will be asked to type the major cause (reason) of this event happening to you. Use the space provided to type a brief answer. For each situation, you will be asked three questions about the cause. You must check the number that best describes your response.

You must answer all 48 questions in the questionnaire

When you have finished and are satisfied with your answers click “Send SASQ” to send the SASQ to Resilient Minds.

NB: You will notice that some of the language used in the questions reflects the questionnaire’s American writers. To clarify your understanding, the following is a guide to the meanings of some key words:

• Hostilely = unfriendly, as if angry• Your spouse = (Boyfriend/girlfriend, Partner.)
• Graduate school = University or MBA program
• Raise = Pay rise


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