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    How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

    We spend up to a third of our life sleeping. 

    And a good night’s sleep is a proven way to eliminate stress,
    improve your energy and make you feel positive. 

    Here are four proven tips to sleeping well… 

    1. Keep a regular sleep timetable

    Keeping a regular sleep timetable by going to bed and waking
    up at the same time every day will ultimately help you feel
    energized and refreshed. 

    So set yourself a fixed rest and wake up time that you follow
    every day, even on weekends. 

    1. Avoid late night television

    Many of us will watch television as a way to wind down at night
    or fall asleep. 

    But what many people don’t realise is that television actually
    stimulates the mind, rather than relaxing it. 

    Late night television usually consists of content that either shows
    disturbing material or requires us to think and use our brains. 

    The light from the television can also confuse our body clock,
    making it harder to fall asleep 

    1. Exercise at the right time

    While regular exercise positively impacts sleep quality, it is best
    done in the earlier part of the day. 

    Exercise stimulates the body by raising its temperature, so if you
    exercise later in the evenings you may experience trouble getting
    to sleep as the body requires a cooler temperature in order to
    wind down and promote rest. 

    1. Adopt a pre-bed ritual

    Doing activities that help relax the body will make it easier for you
    to drift off. Things like taking a warm bath, stretching, reading a
    light book or listening to gentle music will help you wind down
    after a long day and ultimately send cues to your body that it is
    almost time to sleep. A calm pre-bed routine will help your body
    prepare for sleep, allowing you to get to sleep more easily. 

    Take Action: 

    So if you are having difficulties sleeping try adopting some of
    these tips to improve your sleep quality 

    And get a great night’s sleep at the same time! 

    Have a great week. 

    Jamie Ford

    “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

    Irish Proverb

    At Resilient Minds we help our clients grow their resilience
    so they can perform at high levels on the really important
    things in all aspects of their lives.
    Thought Leaders in Resilience, Productivity, and Wellbeing
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