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    Personality, Communication and Motivation

    – DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance)

    The DISC assessment tool is based on research showing how a person’s motivation and behaviour are driven by the degree of their need for dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance in their interaction with others.

    These valuable insights help you to employ and develop the right person in the right position, and help build stronger capability in people’s working relationships – within a team, with clients or customers, or in leadership positions.

    The DISC report identifies an individual’s favoured communication styles, what motivates them, the best way to manage them, and how they can be expected to manage other people.

    Use it to:

    • Understand how well applicants are suited to the job
    • Identify the sort of job that best suits the applicant
    • Improve teamwork and manage conflict productively
    • Gain more effective sales skills
    • Become a better leader.

    Today, more than ever, organisations need to be agile and collaborative – increasingly across geographical and cultural boundaries.

    Technology is providing the communication tools, but people still need to fundamentally understand and relate well to each other.

    Get in touch to find out how DISC Motivation Profiling can help you both hire the right people for the right job and improve your team’s effectiveness.

    What people say: SEE ALL TESTIMONIALS

    “I’ve received a promotion to run the company’s’ largest branch, & the techniques you taught on your course played a large part in me getting there.”

    Matthew - Sales Centre Manager

    “I found the tools provided by this course astonishing, and despite being on countless courses over the course of my career, this one was truly a much different proposition…

    Andrew - Director, Financial Markets Company

    “It was great fun and very informative. I highly recommend the ‘Attitude is Everything’ seminar and the application of the concepts helps me to improve at work and home.”

    Darren Wallis - Chief Executive Officer, G.J. Gardner Homes

    “What I liked most about the ‘Resilience’ programme was the attitude shift from a pessimistic outlook to optimistic with tools that are practical and usable…”

    Rob Penney - Head Coach Canterbury Rugby Football Union 2006 to 2011

    “The way Jamie presented the ‘Attitude is Everything’ seminar was fantastic. I was taking it all in because of the enthusiasm of it all. I highly recommend the seminar as the ideas and strategies…

    Lance Irving - Managing Director, Smith & Sons Franchisee, Christchurch

    “What I liked about the “Learned Optimism and Resilience” programme is that the content is practical, simple and easily applicable. It made a positive difference to how I perceive events in my life.

    Steve Lancaster - High Performance Leader Crusaders - now Head of Provincial Union Rugby at New Zealand Rugby