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    Put It Into Practice

    We can all talk better than we do, so it’s always inspiring to hear from one of our recipients who is putting it into practice.

    Recently, we wrote about “Gratitude and Being Thankful”. And Neville Hill emailed us this in his own words:

    I guess a single thanks is only one word but that one word can mean a lot if you are used to not getting it said at all …not that I am suggesting that either you or I are not . One little habit I have got into is to make, “THANKS”, the very 1st word that I say when I wake from sleep in the morning.

    The reason I started doing this is that I noticed that when I woke I would say something like ‘oh crap’ or ‘oh s*&%’, (or worse), as my body dragged itself out of sleep to the sound of the alarm clock. It simply occurred to me one day that to awake every day with a swear word or a negative phrase escaping my lips had to be the worst possible way to start each day… I won’t bang on but it is part of a new approach to life that both my wife have adopted towards living our lives, and that is to be grateful every day.’

    Thanks for sharing your insights and new habit with us Neville.

    Words of Wisdom for all of us.

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    Have a great week.


    “You have power over your mind -not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

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