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    See Some Green

    Certain colours make us think of certain things.  

    Ever wonder why all sales signs are red, for example?  

    It’s because people react faster and more 
    forcefully when they see the colour.  

    People tend to associate the colour red with a  
    danger cue, and that attracts attention. 

    Guess which colour provides the biggest boost in  
    motivation and energy? 

    The colour green. 

    That’s why we should all ‘see some green’!

    Researchers have found in two studies that  
    surrounding yourself with a bit of green provides  
    a boost in motivation; and also that a glimpse 
    of the colour green sparks creativity. 

    One study asked subjects to perform three cycling  
    exercises while watching a video of a rural cycling course.  

    The videos were randomly selected to have green, grey,  
    or red filters. 

    The green filter made the cyclists happier and less tired.  

    Simply seeing lots of green made them more motivated. 

    Take Action: 

    How can you ‘see more green’ in your life? Go outside!  
    Take a stroll in a garden, or anywhere with shrubs and  
    greenery. Go out and walk in these places. In addition to  
    seeing more green; you’ll be a lot more motivated after a brief  
    physical exertion and some fresh air. 

    At Resilient Minds we help our clients to develop strong resilience 
    so they can perform at high levels in all facets of their lives. 

    Warm regards 

    Jamie Ford 
    Thought Leaders in Resilience, Productivity, and Wellbeing 

    Jamie +64 21 772 079 

    ‘Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from  
    which its loveliness arises.’ Pedro Calderon de la Barca