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    Take A Video Inspiration Break

    One of the easiest ways to feel more positive  
    and uplifted is to watch an inspiring video. So take 5 minutes for an inspiration break and watch this uplifting video: 

    It is an audition on “America’s Got Talent” by a  
    young singer pianist called Kodi Lee who is  
    blind and autistic.  
    His amazing performance shocked the audience 
    and left many in tears.   
    You can watch the video of Kodi’s audition here: 
    The video makes you feel good watching it. 

    And is a great reminder that the limitations we have  
    don’t have to stop us from achieving results that are  

    Any time you want to feel positive and uplifted in a 
    few minutes just watch a positive inspirational video. 
    Take Action: 

    Take an inspiration break and watch Cody’s uplifting video. It’s only 
    8 minutes long  and is guaranteed to make you feel 

    At Resilient Minds we help our clients to develop a mindset of  
    long-lasting resilience so they can perform at high levels on the  
    really important things in both their work and personal lives. 

    Warm regards.

    Jamie Ford

     “The question isn’t who is going to let me;

    it’s who is going to stop me.”  
    ––Ayn Rand
    Thought Leaders in Resilience, Productivity, and Wellbeing
    Jamie +64 21 772 079

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