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    Why taking action makes you feel good

    On any day you take positive action toward your most 
    important goals you will feel great. 

    You will have a feeling of success, achievement and 

    The four keys to achieving goals: 

    Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Or turn on your 
    computer and open a new document. 

    1: Take a few minutes and make a list of at least 10 things 
    you would like to do, have or be over the next 12 months. 

    These could be goals to do with health, job, career, money, 
    travel, relationships and many others.  


    I’d like to increase my income by 25%. 

    I’d like to take a two week luxury vacation in Italy. 

    I’d like to run a half marathon in under two hours. 

    2: Next, look over your list and select one goal you would 
    like to get started on.  

    You might pick your trip to Italy. 

    3: Now, write down 10 action steps you could take to 
    get closer to achieving this goal. 

    So you could write down things like ‘Read a travel guide 
    on holidaying in Italy, get brochures from five travel agents 
    on luxury holidays in Italy, speak with a friend or colleague 
    who took a trip to Italy’ and so on. 

    4: Now do one of these action steps today. So today you 
    could go the local book shop and buy a travel guide on Italy. 

    Now repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 on a regular basis and soon 
    you will have achieved many of the goals on your list.  

    And as you take action each day toward these goals you 
    will feel wonderful at the same time. 

    Action Exercise: 

    Today, take one or more positive action steps that will 
    get you closer to a goal that is important to you. 
    (Notice how you feel when you take this action.) 

    At Resilient Minds we help our clients to develop high resilience
    so they can perform at high levels on the really important
    things in both their work and personal lives. 

    Have a great week. 

    Jamie Ford
    Kim Tay
    Thought Leaders in Productivity and Wellbeing

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