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    Learning as a team creates a common language, reinforces the newly acquired skills and attitudes, and creates a better culture.

    Resilient Minds’ workshops are customised to suit your organisation’s needs using our well-proven, evidence-based techniques.

    Upcoming Workshops

    Building Your Mental Strength and Resilience

    27th & 28th of August 2024, Massey University, Albany Campus

    This transformative two-day course is designed to equip you with essential skills and strategies to bounce back from adversity and keep moving forward. Beyond just recovery, it focuses on using your achievements to boost motivation. Grounded in the principles of positive psychology and self-leadership, our comprehensive workshop offers practical tools and personalised resilience plans to empower you to face uncertainty with confidence and self-motivate like never before.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your resilience—register now and start your journey towards greater mental strength and success.

    Visit our Humanitix event page and secure your place today by using the link below.

    Examples of our popular workshops include:

    • Mental Strength and Resilience
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Strengths Communication (DISC)
    • Stress Mastery

    Mental Strength and Resilience

    Most people understand the idea that resilience is about being able to quickly ‘bounce back’ from adversity with a mindset that enables you to avoid getting derailed by setbacks.

    But there’s another aspect of resilience which is just as important – being able to use achievements and successes to gain more motivation.

    The ability to ‘bounce forward’.

    Both aspects of resilience are important. Together they build the mental strength that stops you from catastrophizing, or becoming paralysed with inaction when things go wrong, giving you the ability to not only keep calm and composed under pressure, but also the momentum to tackle challenges – to stretch yourself.

    This workshop will give you our easy to apply tools and the chance to practice them using real life examples. It also includes a personalised report measuring your optimistic thinking styles using the SASQ. Get in touch today to find out how to increase your optimism and resilience.

    Gain better decision-making, higher productivity and increased engagement with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    Increasingly organisations are recognising the value of emotional intelligence (EQ) – it’s now ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills people will need to thrive in the workplace. And it’s hardly surprising given the pace of change – EQ skills really come to the fore when organisations depend on their people to be highly engaged, to be agile in the face of disruption, and to be collaborative and innovative.

    High levels of emotional intelligence enable people to:

    • Rise above daily irritations and distractions to stay focused
    • Perform and even thrive under pressure
    • Make better decisions by being able to judge the outcomes of decisions
    • Lead and work in collaborative teams
    • Build strong relationships with a diverse range of people across cultures and backgrounds
    • Manage conflict productively
    • Earn respect and trust which acts as a lubricant in the workplace

    Resilience as a leader is especially essential. Stress, surprises, and challenges, arise for leaders on a daily basis. A mentally tough manager works through these, while learning the lessons they have to offer. And we can all benefit by being open to feedback. By taking it on without being defensive, emotionally intelligent people can springboard off it, creating new ideas and innovations for their organisation.

    Learn more about how we can upskill your people using the comprehensive EQMap® (from Essi Systems).

    Using strengths to increase engagement and motivation

    When employees make use of their strengths they naturally become more engaged with their work, are happier and more productive. When their strengths are aligned with organisational values in a high-quality work environment, productivity grows.

    Using the validated VIA Character Strengths assessment, we help people understand their top strengths and how to use these more at work. This is highly energising, increasing people’s motivation and their self-efficacy.

    When team members understand each other’s strengths, they work together more cohesively, bringing out and enhancing each other’s capabilities. This creates a powerful culture built around “what’s strong” rather than “what’s wrong”. Get in touch to find out more how to get your people to flourish and maximise their abilities.

    Effective communication and relationships using the DISC Motivation profile

    Do your colleagues, employees or clients bamboozle you with their seemingly disparate thought patterns? Do some constantly ask questions, others hog the limelight, while others constantly try to smooth over conflict, or insist on making their point?

    All they are doing is exhibiting their preferred communication styles. The Resilient Minds DISC workshop teaches people how to identify those differing styles, as well as their own personal style, creating teams that work together better and a toolkit for developing successful business relationships.

    We help people use the revealing insights to understand and relate skilfully with other team members, clients or customers, and to be more effective leaders. Are you looking for a level of skillset that results in: ∙ more effective collaboration ∙ more persuasive sales people ∙ more awesome customer service ∙ more successful leaders?

    Then get in touch to find out more about how to get your people firing on all cylinders.

    Stress Mastery

    What people say: SEE ALL TESTIMONIALS

    “I’ve received a promotion to run the company’s largest branch, & the techniques you taught on your course played a large part in me getting there. I’m (almost) unflappable & very little gets me down these days. Oh joy!!”

    Matthew - Sales Centre Manager

    “I found the tools provided by this course astonishing, and despite being on countless courses over the course of my career, this one was truly a much different proposition. Jamie focuses on the principles of emotional intelligence, delivering the tools that some of us need to truly stretch our capacity for an enhanced mental resilience capacity, and a more optimistic frame of thinking. I observed how powerful his message was amongst all the course participants, and although I rated myself as pretty tough mentally, I gained much.”

    Andrew - Director, Financial Markets Company

    “It was great fun and very informative. I highly recommend the ‘Attitude is Everything’ seminar and the application of the concepts helps me to improve at work and home.”

    Darren Wallis - Chief Executive Officer, G.J. Gardner Homes

    “What I liked most about the ‘Resilience’ programme was the attitude shift from a pessimistic outlook to optimistic with tools that are practical and usable. I highly recommend this programme because the material is based on proven scientific research.”

    Rob Penney - Head Coach Canterbury Rugby Football Union 2006 to 2011

    “The way Jamie presented the ‘Attitude is Everything’ seminar was fantastic. I was taking it all in because of the enthusiasm of it all. I highly recommend the seminar as the ideas and strategies can be easily used by any person and the application of concepts helps me to improve at work and home. I think it gives great inroads to help people achieve the things they are capable of by changing their thinking.”

    Lance Irving - Managing Director, Smith & Sons Franchisee, Christchurch

    “What I liked about the “Learned Optimism and Resilience” programme is that the content is practical, simple and easily applicable. It made a positive difference to how I perceive events in my life. The programme has enabled me to take more ownership of successes, while dwelling less on adversities that we face. I am now more conscious and better equipped to model positive, optimistic behaviour and language. I highly recommend the Learned Optimism and Resilience Programme as it makes a difference.”

    Steve Lancaster - High Performance Leader Crusaders - now Head of Provincial Union Rugby at New Zealand Rugby